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Product Qualification

Expectations for DEWETRON products are high

Our customers are the who-is-who of their industries. With this in mind, all of our products go through a tough product qualification phase, before they are approved for the market.

Starting with the design phase, all our products and components are tested rigorously against customer requirements, specifications, industry standards, regulations, robustness and overall quality.

During their lifecycle DEWETRON products are exposed to numerous environmental influences, which could directly or indirectly affect function, life span and reliability. With our methods of quality control, we can assure that all our products comply with customer requirements and reliably fulfill their function over the long term.


CB Scheme Testing – we test for worldwide compliance

The IECEE CB Scheme is an internationally recognized multi-lateral certification system for electrical and electronic products based on the IEC international standards. It aims to simplify the certification process for entry into the international market. All DEWETRON products are tested by accredited labs according to harmonized standards and receive a CB Scheme test report. This is the basis for admission to the non-European market.


Committed – we understand your needs

On request, we can test against a broader range of specifications or the requirements for your unique application(s).


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Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

Environmental &
Safety Testing




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