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Our Commitment to Total Quality Management

Quality is not something that you merely talk about, or “add on” later . It has to be part of the process of doing business, from concept to finished product. That’s the Total Quality Management way – and that’s the DEWETRON way!

DEWETRON is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified with rigorous quality procedures and documentation of every aspect of our business. Our systems cover a wide range of meeting specifications and norms (EMI, CE, etc). Each of our components and systems come with calibration certificates.

ISO certificate

Process Management

Our commitment to Total Quality Management is based on the understanding of what is important for the success of our customers. It starts with the definition of the technical specification. Then it covers the development, production, quality control, shipment. Finally it ends with support and service of our systems during operation.

We have established a Quality Management framework that defines processes and assures the proper execution. It incorporates the responsibility of our employees and enables efficient execution across all parts of our global organization.

Product Qualification

All of our products go through a tough product qualification phase, before they are approved for the market.

Product qualification tests for all measurement systems - in this case TRIONet

With our methods of quality control, we can assure that all our products comply with customer requirements and reliably fulfill their function over a long term.

More details about our product qualification tests





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