The Measurable difference.

The Measurable Difference

Our Strengths

DEWETRON's Innovation

Measurable Innovation.

With great enthusiasm, our development teams work together to continually increase the advantages of our products and solutions! We use the latest technologies and practices, making us one of the preferred employers for technicians.

Teambuilding at DEWETRON

Measurable Agility.

Professional, flexible Software Development in harmony with the pulse of the market. Our powerful department of Software Development Teams, KANBAN and Product Owners continuously broaden the range of functions of the world’s most innovative measurement technology software.


Measurable Ingenuity.

Creative minds from the disciplines of circuit design, FPGA programming, prototyping, mechanics and system integration challenge the status quo with better, more precise and more powerful products!

Final Quality Control at DEWETRON

Measurable Reliability.

“FURPS” is not just a software development acronym. Our test engineers live our quality assurance promise of “Functionality”, “Usability”, “Reliability”, “Performance” and “Supportability”.


Measurable Efficiency.

By means of a focus on the tasks supporting the final objective, in-house expertise, proven project management best practices and open lines of connection with the people behind the project we are transparent, efficient and practical.

DEWE2-A4L at FH Joanneum Graz

Measurable target-orientation.

As a provider of leading measurement solutions, we pursue a consistent quality and growth policy. Supported by many years of industry experience and well-founded expertise, we also maintain an exceptionally productive relationship with our customers, partners and employees.

DEWETRON's Customer Care Center

Measurable Assurance.

The DEWETRON Customer Care Center is always there for our customers for training, calibration or maintenance of systems. With our customer care packages, you can also guarantee up to 5 years warranty on all components. Complete system assurance from one source – years of satisfaction and security for your measurement data and your investment.

DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer

Measurable Usability.

Usability is one of the key success factors in consumer electronics. More and more the simple approach to use and operation is being applied to measurement technology. We are setting new standards with multi touch, gestured controlled software with swipe interfaces. Try it out!

Production at DEWETRON

Measurable flexibility.

Our production team is extremely flexible, each member cross trained to fabricate all DEWETRON products. This flexibility allows us to efficiently reallocate our production team to support large customer orders or orders with unique requirements and ensures that every precision measurement system is a tailor-made solution for the distinct needs of our customers.




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