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Calibration is important to guarantee the accuracy of a measurement system. At DEWETRON we calibrate every measurement system before we ship it to our customers.
A measurement system is a work tool and is used continuously, therefore it may deviate from the calibrated values over time. Sounds worrying, but it is not! Regular calibration of your system ensures the integrity of your data.
But what is it and how does it work?

What is calibration?

You often hear the term calibration in connection with the verification of test and measurement systems. Every measurement instrument is subject to certain measuring tolerances, which arise due to the respective environmental conditions or by used construction components. During calibration, the measured value displayed on the measurement instrument is compared with a reference value defined as normal. We precisely document the occurring deviations in order to find out the measuring accuracy. Our team calculates the measurement uncertainty of the instrument. During the calibration itself, we do not change anything on the measurement device.

Calibration or adjustment?

As already mentioned, calibration does NOT interfere with the measurement system.
As soon as the deviation of the measured value compared to the reference value reaches an impermissible value during calibration, a direct intervention in the measurement system takes place. This process is called adjustment.

The DEWETRON calibration laboratory

The DEWETRON calibration laboratory is ISO 17025 certified, so we are authorized to issue calibration certificates according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. We are also NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified and are allowed to calibrate your instruments according to this certification. Both certifications ensure the traceability of the measurement results according to international standards.

In addition to a standard one, there also an accredited calibration is possible. An accreditation means that an external authority has recognized the competence of the calibration lab. The accredited calibration also includes manufacturer adjustments and forms an important cornerstone for the traceability and transparency of the measurement results.
The accreditation of the DEWETRON calibration lab includes the ISO 17025 standard of Accreditation Austria as well as the ILAC MRA. These authorize us to calibrate the following parameters:


What is the benefit?

Like any piece of equipment, a measurement system wears out over time. Contamination, dust or simply frequent use can cause measured values to change. Regular calibration counteracts this, ensures continuous quality of your measurement data and ensures that the values you measure comply with the standard. In the context of quality assurance in a company, regular calibration also helps to save costs by detecting measurement deviations early enough.


We hope to have clarified all uncertainties now. If you have any further questions or if you would like to send in one of your instruments to calibrate, we will be pleased to receive your requests. Generally, we recommend the annual calibration of your measurement devices. With an early request we can schedule your device better and you avoid a too long downtime of your measurement equipment. We keep your measurement system for a maximum of 14 days after it arrives, in exceptional cases also a faster processing is possible – because we know that a short processing time is crucial.

In addition to accredited calibration, we also offer support for your measurement systems as well as maintenance and repair. Our experienced support team will be happy to assist you with your concerns. Regular maintenance of your equipment extends its service life. If something doesn’t work as planned, our trained technicians will put your system through its paces and perform any necessary repairs and system checks.

Did you just remember that the last calibration or system maintenance was a bit longer ago?
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